Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How About A Fifth?

All is good around the Jenkins household for the next couple of weeks. Roland Garros - The French Open - has officially begun and we love to watch tennis.

We are supporters of Rafael Nadal and love to watch this guy on clay. He has proven to be a phenominal player of the last several years. After the first time I watched him - I WAS HOOKED! Tennis is such a demanding sport and it really takes it's toll on the ole' body. After Kenzie started playing, I was able to see fist hand how grueling it can be. I have watched my children as they have played softball, basketball, football, soccer, baseball and tennis and I have to admit - tennis has me on the edge of my seat waiting for that next point to be awarded. I am hooked on this sport and love nothing more than watching my hubby and daughter go at it on the court. With her improving every day, she's giving her old man a run for his money and he is eating it up. They are a lot of fun to watch but for the next two weeks, my eyes will be on Rafa.

Rafa has won for the last 4 years, can he make it 5?
P.S. Way to go Helio - 3rd time is a charm!!! I wonder if he likes his Mirror Ball trophy the best! LOL


Pat Jenkins said...

how is your tennis game karen?....

Grandma J said...

Oh my! I am a fan of anything Rafael Nadal does! Yummy!

namaste said...

i'm with you, karen. tennis is an AWESOME sport to watch. i LOVE it!

and of course rafa is one of my favs. hey, have you ever noticed that he's ocd? check out the way he lines up his water bottles and puts on his watch after every game. it's so cute.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Very cute Karen. I agree, tennis is a grueling sport, non stop movement. I tried to play when I was younger...not in my genes to play tennis I suppose. I came from a family of bowlers.
Hey, stop laughing. :)

74WIXYgrad said...

Watching those in tennis shorts
Playing one of the active sports
Playing hard to get the prize
No wonder they have muscled thighs

Cliff Note: You've been tagged.

Bea said...

Who doesn't like watching, I mean tennis!

Lutra said...

My Soccer team from Barcelona has won the Europe Champions League, now let's go for Rafa!