Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Favorite Five!

Today I'm listing 5 things I'd like to do before leaving this big ole world.
I'd like to take a hot air balloon ride.
I'd like to be able to go to The French Open, Wimbledon, The Australian Open and The U.S. Open to watch some phenominal tennis (all of which would include Nadal and/or my daughter).
I'd like to purchase an RV and just take off with no destination in mind.
I'd like to be able to design my own home and actually live in it.
And I'd also like to be here to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary!


Pat Jenkins said...

ok since you asked!

go to the indy 500
jet set to paris
lose 20 pounds
meet a few personalities
50th anniversary too... he he...

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is a great list.

can I add: have all the laundry done at ONE time????


Bea said...

Great list. Hubs and I thought about selling the house and living in an RV. But, I've got to have a place to come "home" to...

Enjoy the weekend!

Pamela D. Hart said...

Karen: Those sound great. Here's mine.

1. Go on an African safari
2. Visit Italy
3. Go to a Dude Ranch
4. See the Grand Canyon
5. See my sons marry

Of course this isn't an all inclusive list...just the top 5.

Lutra said...

Great question!

Go to Alaska

Win some important competition

Learn to play harmonica really well

Spend some wonderful days with all my good friends in some far place

Have sons and daughters