Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday's Favorite Five!

For today's favorite five I wanted to share my favorite candle fragraces with you. I love burning candles. I love the frangrance, the glow and the feeling of warmth that they can put off on a cold winter day.

My most favorite of all is a candle that was called the cake candle. They had a cranberry one that smelled delicious. One of the things I liked about the candles so well was that you didn't even have to burn them to smell them. You could just sit it out in your favorite crock and enjoy.
These babies lasted forever.

I also like the Yankee candles. My favorites in these would be Clean Linen, Hazelnut Coffee, Blueberry and only around the holidays, a pumpkin or cinnamon scent.

How about yours - what are your favorite candle scents?


Pat Jenkins said...

did i ever tell you this story of me when i was little and candles at thanksgiving? one year i was "around" a candle that was put out. and that "distinguished" smell gave me a headache you wouldn't believe. i have shied away from them since then. but i am getting over it!!

Jen said...

I stay away from Yankee unless I set them in the fire place to burn. They leave a black residue above. But I do use the tarts. Depends on the time of year what I like. Clean cotton is a favorite for summer, and all the pine scents for winter.

ALSO-I really like soy candles-they burn the cleanest! Yankee does not make them, but there are a lot out there.
yep, I love candles too. :) Have a great weekend Karen.

Caroline said...

Oh I LOVE clean linen! I like scents that are light and bright... There was a woman who made the most amazing soy candles. My favorites were: lemongrass ginger, white tea peony, ocean, and fresh grass.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I used to burn all sorts of candles...yankee was my favorite...I like the fruit smells and sweet desserts too.
But I have switched to the SOY candles from Yankee. They are clean burning and smell wonderful. all natural from 100% soy and soy is a readily renewable resourse. (say that 3x fast) My fave flaves of the soy are Cran slam (cranberry) and the apple bushel.

Hey JEN, did you read this? yankee has clean burning candles now. ;0

And the glass jar is made from recycled glass....*sigh*

Bea said...

I love Yankee Candle's Mistletoe at Christmas. I also like their Fireside. It can only be found on their website under Rare Treasures. Using their jar toppers helps make these candles burn cleaner and more even.

Grandma J said...

I love the Yankee candles too. all my candles are packed away, and I can't wait to get settled in my new place so I can bring them out. I miss my weekly fresh flowers the last two weeks...another of my indulgences.

Have a great weekend

Frasypoo said...

Hi Karen,
My husband governs the candle smells around here!
I like the pine and that sort of smell(christmassy)
He likes white linen