Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday's Favorite Five!

Hubby gave me a great idea for today's favorite five. What are your 5 favorite smells of summer.

My number one smell would be rain. It just seems to have cleansed everything and it smells so fresh and new.

#2. Fresh cut grass (kinda sneeze a lot but it's well worth it).

#3. Roses - who doesn't love the smell of fresh roses on the old rose bush.

#4. Chlorine - gotta love that swimming pool smell.

#5. BAR-B-Q. YeHaw!! Who don't love grillin' out. We do it a lot here at the Jenkins homestead.

I would like to ask for all my blogging buddies (who are the best) to keep a dear friend of mine in their thoughts and prayers. Robin is going through a very difficult time right now regarding her grandchildren, who reside in California (she resides here in Ohio). It's as though her hands are tied being so far away and she can't seem to find anyone in CA. willing to help.


Pat Jenkins said...

i thought it was supposed to be the most recognizable smells of summer.... well any hoo i go with the grass. and the smell of the dirt on a ball field. the odor of sweat since everyone is playing. burnin' wood at a campfire, and gasoline... (though you can smell that all the time, but since i spill it all over the mower i get a summer full of it...)

Jen said...

Good picks-I love'em all too and AIR; just being outdoors!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sending good thougths and prayers Robin's way.
Well, I have already discussed my favorite smells: Gas and matches.
They are all year round though.

I do enjoy the smell of SOMEONE other than me cooking on the grill.
The pool is a great one.
But realistically, the smells I get through the summer are:
Hot smelly dogs.
Hot smelly softball players.
My hot smelly car after it carries around dogs and softball players.
Is that what you were looking for? I hope I did not hurt anyones sense of smell today. ;)

Grandma J said...

I love your smells of summer. My all time favorite is the smell of the ocean.

Your dear friend Robin is in my prayers.

Lutra said...

here we go!:

5.- A new book
4.- A new sponge (XD)
3.- Lemmon
2.- Freshly cut grass

1.- Geranium mmmm