Monday, May 18, 2009

Donuts 101

Who doesn't love a fresh warm donut for breakfast. Well here at my house, it's a huge favorite. We live about 10 miles out of town so to make a trip into the local bakery is not always something that's appealing on a lazy weekend morning. Well, we found a way to make our own. That's right - The Jenkins Bakery has fresh warm donuts on any given weekend. They're quick, simple and really, really good. So, being the sweet and unselfish person that I am, I decided to share my recipe with all my buds (you've probably all already heard of this but bear with me OK)!

Buy a couple rolls of biscuits from your local grocery and lay them out on the counter (this is pretty simple so far huh)!

Next, find something to make your donut holes (this can be the tricky part). I use a 2-liter lid, it works perfectly.

I pour about a cup of oil into our frying pan and heat it on medium to medium-high. I also lay out my paper towels for them to drain on and have my tongs and slotted spooon ready for action.

I fry the donut holes first. They are kinda tough to turn so I only make about 5 at a time. The donuts will cook pretty quickly so you'd better have everything ready before you start. They probably only take about 5 seconds on each side (told ya it was quick).

After they've cooked, I lay them on a paper towel to drain and cool a little. Your donuts should be a nice light golden brown.

Then - just have fun with em! In this picture I have used regular sugar (the donut holes are the best with this coating), powdered sugar, chocolate icing (any cake icing will do, I zap mine for a few in the microwave to make it a little easier to spread) and of course - SPRINKLES!!! You can get creative and use any topping your little heart desires.
If this is new to any of you, please give it a try. If some of you already knew this and are more creative than me - please share!


Pat Jenkins said...

i must be honest... i can't put them down!!!

Grandma J said...

thank you for the neat recipe.

Do you guys eat all those yourselves? I can't wait to try those...I need them like a hole in my head.

Karen said...

Grandma J, no - we don't eat all of these - Pat does!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, again I must be under a rock most of the time, cause I have never seen this before. I have a huge weakness for donuts. (and could have a huge rear because of donuts)
This looks like a good weekend treat for us to try.
Even better? YOU making them and delivering to me. Not gonna happen is it?
Best go and buy some biscuits then!!!
Thanks Karen.

Jen said...

We use to make these! :)
These look store bought-that is a compliment!!
And yes, I like mine glazed! ha

74WIXYgrad said...

I will plead the fifth on this as I shouldn't indulge.

But those do look delish!

namaste said...

wow! that's awesome! i am so gonna try this! thanks karen.