Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Fishing Tale, or Two!

After reading the fishing tale my hubby posted, I felt I needed to give my side of the story!

While growing up, my family spent many a day and night fishing. We went to Lake Erie once a year to fish for perch and then would come home and have a huge fish fry for friends and family. My paternal Grandmother (Grandma Piatt) loved nothing more than for us to pick her up and go spend the day at the lake (she was in her late 70's when this all started). Mom would pack a picnic, then we'd pick up Grandma, go to the bait store which also sold penny candy, load up on bait and goodies then off to the lake we'd go. On our way to the various places we would fish, we would drive by different farms that had cattle. Well, if the cattle were standing (according to Grandma) it would be a good day of fishing. If the cattle were laying down - we might as well go home. She was a firm believer in this (I can't remember if it ever held true or not). At any rate, we'd have a great time no matter if we caught something or not.

OK so back to the point of this story. Hubby and I decided to purchase some poles and take them out every now and again for a dip in the local park. It would also give us an opportunity to get away for a while and spend some quality time together. Well on Easter Sunday we decided to do just that. We'd been out fishing many years before and, well, let just say, Hubby isn't the greatest fisherman (not for lack of trying). It's not like he does anything wrong, he's just got some bad mojo when it comes to the little fishies. When we first got there, the little duckies were driving me insane. They would swim over our lines, then some would fly off then fly back and of course land right next to our bobbers. And to top that off, idiots, and I do me idiots, would bring their little kiddies over to feed the little beasts, which sent them into a frenzy, knowing we were sitting right there trying to fish. It's not like this isn't a huge park with probably 200 ducks roaming around! So needless to say, we weren't having the best of luck with getting any bites. After a while, duckie nap time took effect (the beasts were so full by now they could barely swim). Guess what, the fishies started nibbling. HOORAY! We both got a couple of bites but neither of us we able to reel anything in. In experimenting with his worm, hubby found a way to let the worm dangle a little from his hook so that it would attract the fishies more. This process took probably 2-3 minutes to accomplish so that it dangled just right. In all fairness here, I didn't want the fish that were biting to think we weren't interested any more so I simply decided to move my bobber closer to where his was (he was getting more bites) to that I could keep them interested. How can this be seen as invading his space. I was helping him out - wasn't I?

After several hours of really enjoying ourselves and having went through 25 worms, we decided to pack it in and call it a day. So we did have a great time and look forward to getting out more often.

We might not have caught any fish but I did catch this...... with my camera!

It went from this......

to this!
Is this not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen!! Totally worth it!


Pat Jenkins said...

the story is true word for word, even as you present your actions of throwing your bait on top of mine in such a harmless light!! we both know your "intent"!

74WIXYgrad said...

Sounds like tag team fishing. Nothing wrong with that.

Jen said...

....and now we know the rest of the story.
I think it's great the two of you are spending time together in an avtivity like this. In our early days, Rob and I would play hooky from work and go fishing.
It's nice to see that this togetherness hasn't change your relationship. ie: still picking on eachother.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very funny...sounds like another adventure! That is one magical swan!!!

namaste said...

i never doubted there was a reasonable explanation, karen. you and pat are adorable!

and i love the fishing outings you did as a tradition with your family.

nice swan pic. you have a natural, photog's eye.


Lutra said...


When I was a child I use to go fishing with my father every summer... He is really skilled for that sort of things.

Oh... I miss the old easy days...