Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Pets!

Now after yesterdays post you're probably wondering why I would do one titled "Easter Pets". As I had stated in that post, I have never bought any of my children a DUCKIE for Easter. However, one year Kenzie asked for an Easter Bunny (a live one). OK, I can handle that, after all, I had raised several bunnies for 4-H when I was a youngun. This was going to be fun. The Saturday before said Easter Sunday, I took Kenzie to our local farm and seed store to look for her bunny. When we walked in there were about 5 of them in a big aluminum water trough. I made sure she picked out the most "tame" one of the bunch. So we take the little fur ball home to introduce him to the rest of the family.

Now remember, Abbie is a beagle and beagles are not supposed to like bunnies and I'm a little worried. Well, my worries were put to rest rather quickly.

The bunny was named Ziggy. And like any pet that enters our home, he became a member of the family. I have never ever seen a bunny like Ziggy. I was able to train him to use a litter box. No, I'm not kidding. We took shredded paper and placed it in a litter box. After following him around for a while, he finally made a deposit (nice little brown balls). I gathered them up with a napkin and placed them in his litter box and low and behold, that's all it took. He used it from that day on.

Ziggy could do tricks as well. He loved Cheerios and pieces of bread. So we used these little goodies to teach him to sit up.

He also learned that if he played “dead” someone would come out to revive him.

Ziggy grew to become a good sized rabbit. We had an enclosed back porch and that was his home. He was free to roam about all day and at night he would be put into his cage. He had toys to play with a plenty of room to hop about. He loved to look out the window as well.

Then Ziggy developed a nasty little habit. He started eating the carpet, the screens, the foosball table and the spare dining room chairs that I kept in there. Now, I could've kept him in his cage all day and eliminated this problem but Ziggy was used to running around all day and I could not do that to him. So, after much thought, Ziggy found a new home with a nice German Baptist girl that had just lost her bunny (who was also allowed to roam free in her bedroom). Perfect ending to what started out being a perfect Easter Bunny. From now on, all the bunnies in our home will be stuffed (toys).


Pat Jenkins said...

oh cute little innocent bunnies, WRONG!!! ziggy was mean. he has forever changed my views on hares!!!...

74WIXYgrad said...

I'm glad you trained Ziggy on Cheerios and not Trix because Trix are for kids.

By the way, my word verification is comik.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I was thinking that ziggy was the perfect pet until we got to the eating of furniture part...that I don't care for.
I hope he is enjoying his 2nd home.

Grandma J said...

Ziggy realized there were miles and miles of green grass out there, and wanted out. Of cours that wouldn't be wise, so the next best thing was a German Baptist girl. And of course they lived happily ever after.

Lutra said...

What a smart rabbit you had!!!
Really it did his "bunny things" in its liter box? Amazing!

If only I could train Triki (my parrot) to do that...

Jen said...

Cute story!!!
I would imagine that bunny would play dead every time my hysband came in the room. ha.