Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dance Fever!

At about the age of 3 we decided to put Kenzie into dance class. She was extremely shy and we hoped this might help. Things seemed to be going well. We had signed her up for jazz and she would come home after every class and show us what she had learned. At the end of the year the dance school would put on a recital to showcase what the students had learned. Kenzie's teacher came up to me at dress rehearsal and asked me if Kenzie could talk. After a whole year in class (which was 1/2 hour a week), my child had never uttered a word. I was speechless at this point.

Well, dress rehearsal went off without a hitch and Kenzie really seemed to enjoy herself. So the next evening, we proceeded to the recital. Her hair was done, her make-up was finished and we stood there along with all the other anxious mothers and daughters, waiting our turn to lead them up to the stage. Finally it was time. I think my heart was beating faster than hers. I had no idea if once she saw how many people were in the auditorium, if she'd turn and run, stand and stare or muddle her way through her routine.

WHAT WAS I THINKING! When that curtain opened, a smile spread across her face from ear to ear and she danced her little heart out. That was only be beginning of an 8 year run of classes and recitals. She stayed with jazz and added tap and gymnastics. MacKenzie was very successful over those 8 years and had won many awards as well. She was also the youngest dancer awarded a teaching position within the school (I believe she was 9 then and most of her students were twice her size and older than her). Needless to say, she came out of her shell. To this day, that girl loves to perform, she no longer dances because sports took over, but she can still wow a crowd!

(There are more pictures on the right side of my page)


74WIXYgrad said...

So...Will we be seeing her on Dancing With the Stars?

Pat Jenkins said...

she is little miss attitude in alllll those pictures.

Karen said...

Wixy, I'm so sorry to say that NO, she will not be on DWTS anytime soon. Let's shoot for the US Open or Wimbledon!

Pat, how can you say that - she looks sooooo sweeeeet!

Busy Bee Suz said...

She is the story behind her dancing too. I was looking at all the cute pictures and those costumes $$$$$$. :)
Linds is in dance too and I had to pretty much force her on the first day (tears and all) but she has loved it and will continue because I don't see any sports in her future.
Cheers on a well rounded girl you have raised!!!

Karen said...

Oh Suzanne, you feel my pain when it comes to costumes. They are way too over-priced. The last couple of years she was in 3 different classes plus the "dance team" which was an additional 3 costumes. I think we've spend her first year of college in costumes. Good luck to your daughter and many happy dances to come!!