Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reality TV!!

I'll admit it! I'm hooked on Reality TV!
Now I don't watch all of them but I have listed the one's that I do enjoy!
Amazing Race - My most favorite of them all! I could watch this show year-round!
I am so envious of all the places they get to go!
I wanted the couple from Ohio to win, but they got booted this week!

My next favorite is Dancing With The Stars! Love this show. Kenzie danced jazz and tap for several years so I really can appreciate the work they put into this.

Next, Family Jewels. Who doesn't love Gene Simmons. OMG this show cracks me up!
All kidding aside, Pat and I both agree that this man loves his family so much, that he would do absolutely anything for them. It always good for a chuckle.

And last but not least, The Celebrity Apprentice. With it just starting, it's sure to be a challenge for all of them to have to put up with Joan Rivers and Dennis Rodman!! God help them all.


Pat Jenkins said...

great post!... but do some exercise instead of keeping your tush in front of the tv.... p.s. great new pictures on your side bar too!

Karen said...


namaste said...

well karen, i'm not the best person to respond to this post. i just wrote about this on my other blog a few days ago.

i like a little of american idol.

but what i really like are those new action pics of your girl in the sidebar. those are some cool shots! somebody's pretty handy with the camera. ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am also guilty of liking reality television. But, please don't tell anyone. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh-love the have quite the athelete on your hands!!!
I think girls and sports are a fantastic combo!!!!

Karen said...

Thanks to you all for the compliments. Kenzie is very blessed with her athleticism. I don't think there is a sport she can't play (except for bowling and golf. Her and Pat's philosophy is... if you have to dress up to play them, they're not real sports). I do love watching her and her father play tennis. He is just as athletic as her. Maybe some day I'll have some of his action shots on the sidebar. LOL