Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm going to blog here about a very sensitive subject. Rape! No, I don't mean the act of one human being violating another (I've got your interest now huh), I'm talking about bird rape. It is going on all around us. It frightening, horrifying and shameful. I, as of yet, have seen a willing female participant in this horrific act. These poor little girl birdies have no where to run (fly) and no where to hide. It's a sad, sad sight I tell you. And not only are the female birdies being violated against their will, but the poor little female kitties are as well. The other morning, very early I might add, I was awaken by a cat fight. That female did not give in so easy. YOU GO LITTLE GIRL KITTY CAT! Something needs to be done and I suggest you contact your local congressman!

*This post by no means is meant to make light of rape, it is a very sensitive subject and it sickens me to no end (which is why these little male birdies really tick me off). Please understand I am merely commenting on our winged and furry friends reproduction process.


Pat Jenkins said...

by the way these female birds (and cats) are dressing and acting they are asking for it. they bring it on themselves!

74WIXYgrad said...

The accessability of bird porn is a contributing factor. But this by no way absolves the guilt and responsibility of the male bird.

And as far as the human male counterparts, I think the legal system is way too soft on them.

Grandma J said...

HUH? Male birds rape baby birds? I think I read this wrong.

What can my congressman do?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I agree with Pat on this. The birds are merely dressed in feathers...the cats in fur and boots. Really, they are asking for trouble.

I do see a lot of this with our lizard population too. Somettimes they do this on my I have a much too clear view!!!

namaste said... i wrong to giggle? especially at the comments!


Frasypoo said...

My dog does that to birds that come in thro his doggy door and dont know how to fly out of the screened in back porch!

Cassie said...

Oh Suz,dressed in feathers & fur! That is such a funny picture, like they can unzip their trappings! All I can say is they are SUCH ANIMALS!!