Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Play Along!!

Please answer the following questions. The answer to each question has to begin with the first initial of your first name. Please post your answers in the comment box so we can all share. HAVE FUN!

Name a city in the US - Kansas City

Name an animal - Kangaroo

Name a dessert - Key Lime Pie

Actor or Actress - Katherine Hepburn

Something you would find in the grocery store - Kale


Pat Jenkins said...

ahh karen need i imform you kansas is a STATE and not a city... he he!!.... ok here they are

pork rinds
peter sellers

i hope you are going to tell us the purpose for this...

Karen said...

Since when has a pork rind ever been a dessert?

Busy Bee Suz said...

San Fransico
Siberian tiger
sugar cookies
susan sarandon

OK, what do I win????

Jen said...

Jack rabbit
Bread puddin' with Jack Daniels sauce
Jack Nicholson
Jack the check out guy

74WIXYgrad said...

Clint Eastwood
Coca Cola

melanie said...

Name a city in the US - Milwaukee

Name an animal - Monkey

Name a dessert - mousse

Actor or Actress - Melanie Griffith

Something you would find in the grocery store - milk