Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday's Favorite Five!

For this weeks favorite five I thought I'd list my favorite TV shows.
First would be The Mentalist with Simon Baker. This show is great! A little mystery, a little intrigue and alot of eye candy! Whew, he's a cutie!

Next would be Greek. Kenzie got me hooked on this show during it's first season. We are now prearing to start season 3 and I've never missed an episode. Lots of good humor!!

Now, Scrubs. Who doesn't love this show. It's so stupid you have to laugh!!

A new one for me this year is House. Yet another Kenzie has gotten me hooked on (she also hooked dad as well). I've had to go to the library and catch up on all the seasons.
If I'm ever in need of a doctor, DON'T call House!!!

And last but not least, LOST! I am not exaggerating when I say I am totally lost watching LOST! This show has really went off the deep end.

And there you have it. What are some of your favorites?


74WIXYgrad said...

I can understand why you guys would like House. It sort of your's and Pat's sense of humor.

I just wonder when House and Cuddy will finally hook up? That will probably be the point when the show "jumps the shark".

Lutra said...

My favourite 5 shows:

5: Black Adder
4: Friends
3: Lost
2: Death Note. It's a cartoon show. I will say nothing more, just watch it.
1: Columbo. I really love this show.

Karen said...

House does have alot of sarcasm but that's what keeps me coming back. I agree, he and Cuddy need to get together, but I don't want the show to end then!

Lutra, I've never heard of Death Note or Black Adder. I don't think they're broadcasted around our neck of the woods. Are you lost with LOST right now? It's getting so confusing. Thanks for playing along.

Pat Jenkins said...

simon baker is hot... here's my five:

1. anything on the playboy channel
2. girls gone wild dvds
3. good girls doing bad things
4. bad girls doing some goood things
5. and nova on pbs....

Jen said...

I don't have any regular shows that I watch anymore.
There's just nothing on that can compare to Dallas and Cheers. I'll watch a Leave it to Beaver episode before anything that is currently on.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Funny...the only one I ever see that you like is scrubs. But I still like you. ;)
I love Desperate Housewives. They are so far off from normal, it just makes me feel so good about myself. ;0

Lutra said...

Hi Karen,
I quit watching LOST recently, because I just think they are using the amount of people that watch it to make it too long. Just think that it have got to end by now. So I don't watch it anymore :p

Death Note didn't arrive at my country either, but a friend of mine bought it in dvd and lend it to me. It is the best show that I have see in years! I am not going to tell what is it about, I will just say that even my father could't stop watching it (he saw 24 chapters in one weekend!). I remember you that is not a proper show, but a cartoon show.

Karen said...

Lutra, might I ask where you are from?

Lutra said...

Yep, I am from Barcelona.
But in few weeks I am moving to California for some months.

Lutra said...

I hope that it doesn't mind you that I post comments in your blog...

I end here surfing between blogs, and It's just the kind of blog that I try to make mine be: short and interesting posts. One day you talk about impotant matters (like kids that kill), another one about cooking, another one about your dog.
It's just a wonderful site to pass every day some minutes and see what may it be found today.
Good education of owner and visitors is not the last point, either.
Good work.

Karen said...

Lutra, thanks so much for the compliment. I enjoy your comments. I try to make it by your blog as well. I got a kick out of you making your bread. How close are you to Mallorca. I'm a big fan of Rafael Nadal and since my daughter plays tennis, that makes it all the better.

Lutra said...

In fact I am very close to Mallorca, just 30 minutes by plain. But only go there once, as child.
Oks, so here ends my week and starts my weekend!
Have a nice weekend and see you on monday in the net.


Pamela D. Hart said...

My top 5 are:
1. Desperate Housewives
2. Brothers & Sisters
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Private Practice
5. House

Dr. House is so intriguing. His whole fear of commitment; his arrogance; his insolence. Then there are times when he's so humane; but only the patient sees it. It's the whole bad boy image with a major dose of intelligence that I find so compelling.

Karen said...

We've got to love the Doc! I'm trying to catch up on all the seasons. I'm renting them from the library so I'm getting an "overdose" of the doc!!