Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello, Have You Seen My Daughter!!

Teenagers - need I say more. Well yea, cause that's kinda what this post is about. You see, 16 years ago I gave birth to this wonderful little red-headed baby girl. She was the sweetest thing you could ever ask for. Never a discipline problem, always ready to play, very interested in everything. Yea, I'll say it, she was almost perfect. Up until this past year we had the most enjoyable daughter you could ever ask for. What happened you ask? No, that's what I'm asking. It seems as though some sort of beast has decided to take up residence inside our precious little angel and this being has no type of resemblance to an angel (trust me, I've seen the horns). Kenz is my youngest. I have 2 older children and they definitely tested my parenting skills. Now I'm thinking OK, you've raised two already, you've got to have some type of "step-up" on this. WRONG!!!! I don't care how you prepare for your child, I don't care how you raise them or how much love you show them, that thing called "the teenage years" will consume your precious little loved one. Our daughter used to do this thing that we all call talking now when I ask a question, if I'm lucky, I get some kind of noise that comes from deep within my child (I'm assuming it's the beast trying to communicate with me). I'm also wondering if she has learned some kind of new language that I have not been able to figure out (texting still has me baffled). Hmmmm, I know this is a phase and I know someday, my precious little angel will again re-emerge, but until that day, we'll have to learn to live with the "Beast Within".

QUOTE OF THE DAY: It's difficult to decide whether growing pains are something teenagers have - or are. ~Author Unknown
She was a beautiful sight, blue eyes and red hair
She was a blessing, wish you could’ve been there

Such a joy to be around, and never to weep
Except for at night when we needed our sleep

Her best friend was Barney,a huge purple dinosaur
She’d watch show after show till we couldn’t take it anymore.

Because of her shyness we introduced her to dance
Boy did she blossom, the audience never stood a chance

Sports came soon after and her father was proud
Because she loved to perform and could entertain the crowd.

She kept us quite busy, there was always something to try
And before we knew it 16 years had went by.

Our conversations turned short, her answers turned blunt
There are no longer sentences, only a deep mysterious grunt.

Something’s moved in and taken over this child
It has horns and sharp teeth and its moods are not mild.

She prefers other aliens named Becca, Kathy and Lynn
For they all to live with “The Beast Within “.

She looks like our daughter and we know it’s not a dream
This is only happening because she’s sixteen.

She’ll soon re-emerge and she will see clearly,
That all through this invasion, we’ve loved her dearly.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Is it her birthday today??? If, so I wish her a GREAT one.
I am right there with you. My oldest is 15 1/2. I also consider her "almost" perfect...but lately, she has no interest in really talking to us...but texting others...she is still a good girl too, but just changing...right before our eyes.
And yes, I agree with you, they will BE back again.
Wonderful poem.

Karen said...

Hi Suz, no this isn't her birthday, the mood was just on me to vent a little. You gotta love em though!!

Pat Jenkins said...

i will agree with suz and say great poem, but i don't get it! last week you didn't want me to leave home, now i am the demon spawn? and i am the one confused? yours truly macKenzie.. he he!!

namaste said...

karen, i think you're awesome! seriously. FINALLY another parent talks about this. i thought i was the only one unashamed to say i was living with satan's spawns. geez! i am just coming into the light from several years on the dark side. our daughters are now 17 and 20. whew! what a terrible ride! you're right, your lovely angel will return again. just try not to storm the beast as it resides in your girl's body temporarily.

Karen said...

Namaste, you are too kind! I know Kenz will return again but I do believe the beast still resides within my husband. lol

Jen said...

Karen great poem!!
We sure didn't act that way when we were 16, now did we. ?

Karen said...

Jen, I don't know about you but I was a perfect little catholic girl (even had a halo).

melanie said...

excellent the poem.

Frasypoo said...

My step daughter who is 15 is like that!!!
words will flow when they need money though!